Heart Healthy, Sweet Tasting

Welcome to the most unique bakery in San Antonio!

El Sol Bakery is committed to providing the best tasting, best quality and healthiest baked goods available.

The number one focus at El Sol Bakery is eating healthy with a focus on whole grains ingredients.

Whole grain is a grain seed in it’s natural form. This type of grain is especially nutritious because it is the entire grain, including the fiber, vitamin, and mineral-rich outer shell It may be eaten whole, cracked, split or ground, or milled into flour (as used at El Sol Bakery).

All baked goods at El Sol Bakery contain no animal fats, are low in sugar and salt and contain no preservatives. All baked goods are prepared and baked fresh and never frozen.

We hope you will join us at El Sol Bakery and Bistro for a morning or afternoon of tasty treats and unparalleled customer service!


Your Health, You Only Have It Only Once In Your LIFETIME… Take Care Of It!

Author's imageMauricio RomeroOwner